" It has been said that thoughts are things​, but I am amazed at the capacity humans possess, that with a single thought, we can bring a physical, tangible thing into existence."



He began gravitating​ to the visual arts as a child with drawings and paintings. Years later, it was a course in photography, while studying design in college that raised his curiousity about the medium and it's expressiveness.

Several years ago he began developing a new portfolio which features a blend of personal and experimental imagery. He has a penchant for simplicity and considers light to be the most important ingredient in his work.  His abstract images reflect the challenge associated with creating an interesting image from something mundane, like milk or ice. He remains passionate and yet playful about photography and the entire creative process.

Charles Steele has been a professional photographer based in Chicago for over thirty years. Most of his career was spent in the commercial genre, shooting for advertising agencies, design firms and corporations.